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Turkey hits Kurds in Syria, fights ISIS

B'tselem: We're not afraid of threats

Greece returns Syrians to Turkey

Oded Revivi to PA: Release my Sukkot guests

Syrian government uses chemical weapons - again

Two children shot in US

France to UN: Condemn use of chemical weapons in Syria

Motorcyclist dies after being run over

MK: Don't revoke B'tselem leader's citizenship

Gazan who helped Israel gets 20 years in prison

Trump outlines first 100 days in White House

Hamas complains about security cameras

Vegas crowd chants 'Lock her up!'

Italy: Our vote was a mistake

ISIS goes on a killing spree

U.S., Turkey to increase cooperation against ISIS

Islamic Jihad leader praises Iran

Cyber attacks disrupt service on East Coast

London airport evacuated due to 'chemical scare'

MK seeks to revoke B'Tselem chief's citizenship

Italy's PM blasts UNESCO resolution

Vietnam Vet Gone Farmer Makes Hevron his Home

Your Enemies Will Lie

Canada Governor General to visit Middle East

Russia, Belgium argue over Syria activities

Israel, Germany discuss sale of submarines

Thousands participate in Biblical Marathon

Hamas: Neither Temple ever existed

WikiLeaks: Hillary received debate questions ahead of time

Jewish Chamber of Commerce Aims to Beat BDS

WATCH: Special visit to US Air Force Base

Dore Gold: Israel's increasing isolation a myth

Watch-giving up playing football to serve in the IDF

Watch: Sukkot festivities alongside protests in Ofra

Tourists: UNESCO should be ashamed of themselves

Trump: Clinton must return money from received from Arab states

Sukkot: A fresh way to connect

Beit El responds to UNESCO with new Torah scroll

Watch: emotional meeting of childhood friends separated by Shoah

Service to be held at tomb of Eleazar the high priest

Meet the extreme left's new leader

WATCH: Thousands celeberate Sukkot in Merkaz Harav

IAA director slams UNESCO decision

Police attacked in Jerusalem

WATCH: Jerusalem parade

Argentina seeks extradition of Iranian ex-minister

Hillary Clinton tops Islamic money list

Who will win French elections?

Protest in Turkey against deal with Israel

Pentagon chief threatens response if North Korea uses nukes

Italian man arrested for anti-Semitic slurs against Jewish man

PA warned not to initiate anti-Israel resolutions

Trump's VP: We will accept a clear election result

Protesters decry bookstore banner comparing Trump to Nazis

Gazan sent to 20 years in prison for spying for Israel

Phil Chess, groundbreaking blues and rock exec, dies at 95

Argentina asks Iraq to extradite ex-Iranian minister

Understanding the 'nature' of terror

'Friends' co-creator takes on remake of Israeli TV show

Obama says Trump is 'undermining democracy'

German policeman dies of wounds in raid on neo-Nazi's home

Rio party labels Peres an 'ideologue of terrorism'

Washington sanctions financiers of Hezbollah

World parliamentarians: Jerusalem is Israel's capital

Republican blasts rival for staying in Israel after twister

UN chief: Food is running out in Aleppo

In final debate, Trump again uses Iran against Clinton

'To be merciful to the wicked is to be cruel to the righteous'

Ewan McGregor's biggest challenge: Philip Roth

Palestinian Arabs arrested for visiting a sukkah

Trump will accept the election results-if he wins

How all the Jewish MLB players did in 2016

AJC: Condemn Iran for human rights abuse, Holocaust denial

Emails show Clinton eager to patch things up with Netanyahu

Terrorist who planned large-scale attack loses citizenship

Principal who glorified terrorist suspended

Sukkah burns down in Bayit Vegan

Jewish reporter threatened to leave US or die

Jewish reporter threatened: Leave US or die

UN finds weapons suppliers fueling South Sudan war

Dad explains why he kidnapped baby

Miami-Dade declared 'red zone' for Zika virus

College football just became more accessible for religious Jews

MK Glick-what kind of justice is destroying Amona?

IDF soldier injured in rock attack, one terrorist killed

WATCH: If Amona isn't legalized, there'll be no government

Erdan: shutting down the new broadcasting corporation a mistake.

Trump: Clintons are bad for Israel relations

Netanyahu not doing enough to save Amona


Over 300 at Italian newspaper's protest at UNESCO in Rome

Kahlon: we don't need UNESCO's approval

4 soldiers using Waze accidentally enter Arab-controlled area

Israel has right to ban academics who pose security risks

'Israel has the right to ban academics who pose security risks'

Carved clog charm found at Auschwitz

Infant bitten by black widow spider in Hadera area

Jewish woman: I hid a bomb in the synagogue

Britain pushes for EU response in Syria

UN: medical evacuations in Syria to begin Friday